Laraway Community Consolidated School District 70C

Staff Directory

Faculty and Staff Roster. Please click on the staff member names for e-mail.

Superintendent's Office Staff:


Dr. Joe Salmieri   Superintendent
Valerie Teegardin   Office Mgr/Bookkeeper
Brian Johnson   Director of Technology

Principal's Office Staff:

Aaron Ventsias   Principal
Joe Pope   Assistant Principal
Tamika Archibald   Principal's Secretary / Sub Caller
Diane Starks   Main Office Secretary (1/2 Spec Ed – 1/2 Main Office)
Reyna Chavez   Office Secretary
Cheryl Stokes   Nurse
Wardie Sain   In-School Suspension Supervisor

Custodial Staff:

Dave DelSasso   Maintenance Director/Custodial Supervisor
Joe Bartkus   Maintenance Director
Jim Gabl   Maintenance Technician
Luz Calderon   Night Custodian
Estela Escutia   Night Custodian
Lilli Skoien   Day Custodian
Jeff Mossberger   Night Custodian
Laura Nunez   Night Custodian
Marivel Rodriguez   PT Night Custodian

Cafeteria Staff:

Angela Crowder   Director of Food Service
Marissa Arredondo   Head Cook
Jennifer Lanier   Cook
Vanessa Ramos   Cook
Tai Altamirano   Cook
Bianca Stamps   Cook

Regular Education

Kellie Jo Angone   Little Learners Teacher
Kim Wilson   Little Learners Teacher
Jodi Ferlin   Little Learners Teacher
Leah Jerome   Kindergarten Teacher
Wayne Jackson   Kindergarten Teacher
Lisa Murphy   Kindergarten Teacher
Lauryn Locke   First Grade Teacher
Alexa Minor   First Grade Teacher
Corey Fyke   First Grade Teacher
Jennifer Sylvester   Second Grade Teacher
Jasmine Lawson   Second Grade Teacher
Jennifer Kerchenfaut   Second Grade Teacher
Monica Caputo   Third Grade Teacher
Michael Gunier   Third Grade Teacher
Suzette Fitzpatrick   Third Grade Teacher
Megan Demas   Fourth Grade Teacher
Sierra Lukas   Fourth Grade Teacher
Natalie Tannura   Fourth Grade Teacher
Michael Amos   Fifth Grade Teacher
Chrissy Conte   Fifth Grade Teacher
Sarah Harris   Fifth Grade Teacher
Mike Bodach   Jr. High Math Teacher
Kristin Wills   Jr. High Math Teacher
Meaghan Polensky   Jr. High Language Arts Teacher
Sofia Priovolos   Jr. High Language Arts Teacher
Stephanie Taylor   Jr. High Science Teacher
John Wood   Jr. High Social Studies Teacher

Special Subject Staff:

Nathan Griffith   Physical Education Teacher
Tiffany Meents   Physical Education Teacher
Beth McDonald   Fine Arts, Art Teacher
Cherrelle Negrusz   Fine Arts, General Music Teacher
Frank Dillinger   Technology/Computer Teacher
Kelly Thelen   Music / Band Instructor

Special Needs Staff:

Megan Hayworth   Special Education Resource – 2nd to 3rd Grades
Jennifer Johnson   Special Education Resource
Michelle McKinney   Special Educ Cross Categorical Self Contained – 5th to 8th Grades
Julie Renzi   Special Education Resource K - 1st Grades
Terese Sullivan   Special Educ Cross Categorical Self Contained – 6th to 8th Grades
Diane Sain   Special Education Cross Categorical Self Containted Aide
Debbie McClafferty   Special Education Resource 4th - 5th Grades

Laraway District Support Staff:

Kristen Rojas   Social Worker
Joanna Marino   Library Media Specialist
Kristin Kempiak   Reading Specialist
Kelly Tunkel   Library Media Center Assistant
Shannon Kreis   Reading Specialist
Beatriz Martinez   TPI Bilingual Teacher/ ELL Grant Coordinator
Heather Mitchener   TPI Bilingual Teacher
Martha Ostreko   TPI Bilingual Teacher
Jerry Vassalla   TPI Bilingual Teacher / Spanish Teacher
Rebecca Gallardo   TPI Bilingual Teacher
Evelyn Dillman   TPI Bilingual Teacher
Tracy Marketti   Classroom Aide
Nijea Dixon   Classroom Aide
Chrissy Landgraf   Classroom Aide
Kendra Riley   Classroom Aide
Natalie Tannura   Classroom Aide
Elaine Harris   Classroom Aide
Vanessa Burrell   Classroom Aide
Jamaica CarverMann   Classroom Aide
Reyna Delfina Chavez   Classroom Aide
Michelle Blue   Classroom Aide
Jessica Thelen   Classroom Aide
Kristine Petricas   Classroom Aide
Crystal Lopez   Little Learners Aide
Jackie Martin   Little Learners Aide


Deb Marco   Special Education Coordinator
Cassie Kennedy   School Psychologist
Gaby Boudreau   Speech
Stacey Casas   Teaching Assistant
Ellen Kerrigan   Classroom Assistant
Michelle Olson   Social Worker
Lynn Theilsen   Speech
Maria Yakos   Speech Supervisor
De'Andre Nunn   OT
Emily Clyden   Speech Supervisor

Transportation Staff:

Kathryn Berry   Transportation Coordinator
Reyna Chavez   Driver
Jerry Knight   Driver / Monitor
Alisha Knight   Driver
Tai Altamirano   Driver
Tish Altiery   Driver/Monitor
Cynthia Archibald   Monitor
Sharon Bennett   Monitor
Debra Betts   Monitor
Michelle Blue   Monitor
Felicia Brown   Driver
Rhom Mae Hancock   Monitor
Bonita Higgenbotham   Monitor
Susan Smith   Driver
Sara Grant   Driver
Ray Lee   Driver
LaTisha Altiery   Monitor
Nijea Dixon   Monitor
Nicole Burns   Monitor
Bobbie Mitchell   Monitor
Vanessa Burrell   Driver
Barb Williams   Monitor
Kathleen Hall   Monitor
Sharon Palmer   Driver
Dale Schmidt   Driver
Kendra Riley   Monitor
Gloria Millsap   Monitor
Kathy Washington   Driver

Welcome to Laraway Community Consolidated School District 70C 

We serve each child for the purpose of helping reach his or her full potential as a life-long learner.

It is the business of learning that inspires us to teach.

Our ultimate goal is to positively contribute to the betterment of the communities in which WE live.