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E-Learning Day Guidelines

Why eLearning Days? 
E-Learning Days are intended to provide access to learning on days when there are school cancellations due to inclement weather. While these days cannot replace the face-to-face time students have with their teachers, it can provide continuous learning when school is cancelled. E-Learning Days also eliminates the need for makeup days at the end of the school year, helping families plan summer activities. 

Attendance will be based on the completion of the work for e-Learning Days. Students who do not have the necessary resources may make arrangements with the teacher for additional time to complete the work. 

Staff/Parents/Students Training

Staff will receive training on the implementation and guidelines for e-Learning at the opening day institute.

Parents and guardians will receive information and guidance at our annual open house held in August on how students successfully participate in eLearning. 

Teachers will review e-Learning expectations prior to Columbus Day each school year.  Teachers will thoroughly review the process of e-Learning so all students can successfully participate during these emergency days.

E-Learning Day Communication
Laraway CCSD 70c will communicate with you using the following methods when an eLearning Day goes into effect.  Cancellations will be announced via phone, email, and district website indicating that there will be an e-Learning Day.

o    Websites, district and school 

o    ConnectEd automated telephone notifications

o    Email notifications

o    News media notifications 


Options for contacting your child's teacher on an eLearning Day

1.     Send your child’s teacher an email to their school email address.

2.     Call your child’s teacher and leave a message on their school voicemail.  All voicemails are forwarded to staff members email.

3.     If you request a call back from your child's teacher, please leave your callback number and specific time for a callback.

4.     Teachers, principals, and other licensed professionals will be available by email or phone (via voicemail) from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

5.     Staff will respond to all communication requests in a timely manner during scheduled hours.

6.     Staff contact information can be found at


Early Childhood through 8th Grade Guidelines

·         Students in grades Early Childhood through 8th Grade will utilize Choice Boards on an eLearning Day. These Choice Boards will be distributed to families and can also be viewed below. On an eLearning day students in Early Childhood through 8th Grade will choose 1 activity in each of the subject areas listed. Upon completion, the parent/caregiver and child will sign the Choice Board and return it to school. For your child’s attendance to be counted, every student must submit the eLearning activity the next day of attendance at school. 


Click below for a new Frequently Asked Questions Bullitin

Elearning Frequently Asked Questions


Please click below for a guide to google classroom and access to your child's google classroom assignments:

Google Classroom Tutorial English

Google Classroom Tutorial Spanish

Please click below to access your grade level activities. The spanish translation is included.


Little Learners Choice Menu

Little Learners Choice Board #2

Little Learners Choice Board #3

Little Learners Choice Board #4

Little Learners Choice Board #5

Little Learners Choice Board #6

Little Learners Choice Board #7

Little Learners Choice Board #8

Little Learners Choice Board #9

Kindergarten Choice Board

Kindergarten Choice Board 2

Kindergarten Choice Board 3

Kindergarten Choice Board 4

K High Frequency Words

1st Grade Choice Menu 

1st Grade Sight Words

2nd Grade Sight Words


2nd Grade Choice Menu


3rd Grade Choice Board


4th Grade Choice Menu

4th Grade Spanish Menu

5th Grade Choice Menu


Jr. High Choice Menu

Jr. High Choice Menu 2

Bilingual Choice Board



Band Choice Boards  


If you are in need of bilingual assistance, please click here for a list of bilingual support staff.

Si necesita ayuda bilingüe, haga clic aquí para obtener una lista de personal bilingüe.


The following resources are also available free of charge using our school code found on the document below

Resources Document

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